Our New Office Flooring

Photo Jan 13, 1 33 24 PM

We Updated Our Office with Stylish Epoxy Flooring

We are very excited to show off our office, with our new flooring. Since this was not client-work, we decided to try some new techniques.

Previously, our office was carpeted so one of the first steps is removing the carpet.

Next we prep all our epoxy floor materials. In the photo below, Tony is prepping materials for application.

Few people get to see what the materials look like when they are being mixed. 

These spiked shoes help us not leave footprints in the flooring.

Here we are applying epoxy to the floor.

Sometimes we roll our flooring mix with a roller. This creates a less drastic definition in the flooring.

Below is what the finished flooring looks like. It is sure to make an impression.

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