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General Contracting Services

– Headquartered in Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii Flooring for concrete and epoxy

Maui Hardscapes restores broken and cracked concrete.  We also specialize in waterproofing concrete.

Another service we provide is epoxy flooring.  We install epoxy flooring in commercial kitchens and businesses, residential homes and  garages.  Commercial businesses or residential homes, we have you covered.


Specializing in Interior and Exterior

hardscape (concrete) installation and restoration

Epoxy Flooring

The best Hawaiian Flooring alternative to carpet, tile and laminate floors is Epoxy Flooring!

Tired of pet stained carpets?  Tired of cracked tiles?  We have your solution!  Epoxy floors!  Epoxy seals your floors completely.  Epoxy protects against: Dirt, spills, bacteria, and pet stains & odors.

Concrete Restoration

Tired of cracks in your concrete?  Tired of tripping over uneven concrete?  We’ve got you covered.  Have us come by and repair and restore your concrete.


Tired of leaks in your concrete?  Tired of that mysterious pool of water that happens every time it rains?  We can fix that.  Waterproofing is what you need, and we can do it professionally.



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